Vianna (so_vianna_says) wrote,

Say anything. 


Secrets, stories, silliness. 
Anything you'd like. 
As much as you'd like. 

"Do nothing secretly; for Time sees and hears all things, and discloses all."
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June 1 2006, 22:15:40 UTC 11 years ago

I wrote something about 4 times and deleted it cause it sounded so creepy.

I kinda want to hook up with you.

You're really down to earth, and I appreciate it.

Just so you don't think I'm a major creep, I know you so don't be bugged out.


June 2 2006, 00:39:16 UTC 11 years ago

I think that you are too quick to forget the past sometimes. The past is an important part of everyone's future and while it can be forgiven, it should never be forgotten.

As for my own personal secret, I miss the one person who loved me most more than I ever thought possible. But I know I can never have that back. And that hurts me more than anyone realizes.

If you think you know who I am, then please let me know privately.


June 2 2006, 01:49:32 UTC 11 years ago

I think you are probably one of the strongest people I have ever met. You deal with stuff you don't deserve to have to, and you handle it somehow. It's really quite amazing, actually.


June 2 2006, 20:04:52 UTC 11 years ago

I didn't vote for you in band today because you're a freshman. I don't think that this makes you incompetent, but there was someone else running who won't have another chance after next year.

Really I think you are one of the most competent people in this world. I think you're wonderful.


June 2 2006, 21:03:30 UTC 11 years ago

I was honestly surprised at the seriousness of those comments. They moved me. And I agree with them all. Except for hooking up with you, cause I'm a girl.
But I admire you greatly. Your talent, your intelligence, your strength.

Oh, and I still sleep with a blankie. No lie.