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Infinities stretch out from infinities within.

I'm a part of everything.

The Moon

I'm Vianna.
I like birds
and jazz and
old movies
and being on
a separate peace, american music abroad, antioch, applebee's, apples to apples, austria, autumn, baltimore inner harbor, beatrix potter, being drum major, belgium, ben folds five, billy joel, black and white pictures, blackberries, bonfires, broadway, brugge, busch gardens, canada's wonderland, candlelight, catcher in the rye, christianity, christmas cheer, clarinet, climbing trees, clue, curly hair, cursive, damien rice, death cab for cutie, dinkelsbuhl, disneyworld, edinburgh, elliott smith, emmy rossum, england, facebook, feist, fifth business, fireworks, flying, forever 21, france, fried dumplings, friends, gardens, gerard butler, germany, glasgow, gmail, google, guacamole, half time, harry potter, hockey games, holding hands, hot cocoa, hot wings, howimetyourmother, hyacinths, iced chais, indian food, jamba juice, jazz, jenna, jeopardy, jesus christ superstar, john donne, jonathan safran foer, julie andrews, kate winslet, key west, kingda ka, kings of convenience, laughing constantly, laura, laura allegri, lilies, loving everyone, macro, macs, manhattan, marching band, mary poppins, moleskines, music theory, musicals, nyc, orion's belt, outback steakhouse, p.s. i love you, palisades mall, parasailing, paris, pearls, phantom of the opera, phenomenon, physics, piano, playing with hair, plums, power outages, prep, raspberries, regina spektor, roller coasters, s'mores, scattergories, scotland, sepia, six flags, skiing, snow, snow cones, sondre lerche, sound of music, spontaneity, spring, starbucks, sufjan stevens, summer, summer nights, sushi, taboo, tcnj, tea, that's what she said, the austrian alps, the beatles, the fourth of july, the fratellis, the last five years, the secret garden, the woods, theatre, theology, titanic, traveling, vacation bible school, versailles, volkswagen beetles, walks, wayne hills, wikihow, winter, yellow, Россия, ,