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I'm Vianna. What's your name?
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add me? ♥
=)Of course.♥
hey it's mary...not sure if you're starting fresh....but if you did, add me?
I'd add you ANY day!
(And I didn't start fresh, you're already there. ♥ )
I'd probably kick you if you didn't already have me on your friends list, you know. But I'd like to say, your icon is very cuteoyoyo. It's very squooshable and cueteyoy. Yes. Keh. Penguins make me lose all writing ability, you know.
Hahah yeah, you were already there.
I'm I'm defo obsessed with the penguin.
giiiiiiiiirl.........I better be added......don't make me come over there ans hug you till you can't breathe....


Hahah of course you're added. ♥
would you be mine, could you be mine
won't you be my neighbor
won't you please, won't you please
Please won't you be my neighbor

would you mind adding me?

i totally love your layout. like a lot.

- katie. the neighbor.
Hahahah sure =]=]
i have no idea how to work these things.. but id figure i'd ask to be added. haha im such a loser.
Haha I'd totally add you but you need to have a livejournal for me to soo that kinda wouldn't work...

You should totally make one!
Hey i'm Ashley I go to your school. Whats up?
Hi, Ashley =]. Nice to meet you.
hi it's Fo add me
cause i <3 u
=]=] Hi!
Of course ♥ .
vianna !
it's steph zygmunttttt
stage crew, ring a bell? lol.
add me?
Hello there! Most definitely.
it's britt!
yeahhhh for livejournal. haha
vianna add me! i realized my really old live journal from like a looong time ago is still around..i never deleted i'm not gunna use that other one..i'm gunna hafta firgure out how to delete it.
so yea anyways ADD ME
love ya!
Hahaha, added!
i found you on happyknee' i added you :)
=] yay, you're added back.
wow you like fifth business! cool :) hope you'll add me back hehe :)